Bow, arrow & shooting products directory, products include bow hair, instant vermicelli in bowl, livestock drinking bowl. Arrow, a missile having a straight thin shaft with a pointed head at one end and often flight-stabilizing vanes at the other, meant to be shot from a bow.

Sporting Goods Directory

Bow, Arrow & Shooting

Fish Bowl Thermometer and Seawater Densimeter (Full Specs and Varieties)

Densimeter, alcohol meter, sugar liquid meter, soil meter, petroleum meter, electrical liquid meter, hides processing meter, milk meter, urinalysis meter etc. Varieties of glass float meter can be with temperature or without temperature. The production techniques strictly processed are of very hi...

Ningbo Tonghui Manufactory Co., Ltd.

Paper Bowl Machine

As the machine-building industrial enterprise, we are the sole professional manufacturer of paper cups and paper containers production company in Zhejiang province With rich exeperience, We are well-quipped in production lines and strong in technical force, besides, we have firmrelations of teach...

Zhejiang Dongfang Paper Cup Machinery Co.,Ltd

Paper Cup And Bowl Making Machine

The machine is a special equipment for producing environmental protection type paper cups and paper bowl, and also a substitute product for disposable plastic cups. With such characteristics as reasonable structure, reliable performance, low power consumption and high efficiency, it is a kind of ...

Hubei Machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corp.

Connector - Bushing, Coupling, Nut, Cross, Tee, Elbow, Plug

Material: Brass, Stainless Steel 304, stainless steel 316, PP(Polypropylene)Size: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" (other thread is available)

Re-Atlantis Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Narrow V-Belts

Features:High strength, good shock-resistence, less elongation, fine length exactitude, super stable transmission, high efficiency and compact transmission with few pieces.Usage:Speically avaiable for transmission devices of motive force in harsh conditions such as big power, impact, instantaneou...

Shanghai Electric International Economic & Trading Co., Ltd.

Female Elbow (HQ1406)

Size |Qty/ctn |Size of ctn/CM |G.W./KG1/2"x20mm |200 |40x31x30 |9.63/4"x25mm |120 |40x31x30 |9.31"x32mm |80 |40x31x30 |10.51-1/4"x40mm1-1/2"x50mm2"x63mm

Ningbo Huan Qiu Sanitary Factory

Male Elbow (HQ1407)

Size |Qty/ctn |Size of ctn/CM |G.W./KG1/2"x20mm | 200 |40x31x30 |9.43/4"x25mm| 120 |40x31x30 |101"x32mm | 80 |40x31x30 |10.51-1/4"x40mm1-1/2"x50mm2"x63mm

Ningbo Huan Qiu Sanitary Factory

Connector, Elbow, Block Head, Spray Nozzle Series

Taizhou Yufa mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd was built on Taizhou in 1998, One specializing in various kinds of specifications and types hot-water heating apparatus and enterprise of the fittings.There are more than 120 staff now in enterprises, 18 engineers and technicians, 4 senior engineers....

Taizhou Yufa mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Adjustable Bow Saw

Jiangsu Metals & Minerals Import & Export (Group) Corporation is a State-owned Provincial enterprise, specializing in worldwide trading of various steel, hardware, all kinds of castings, alloys, rare earths, non-ferrous metals, minerals, garments, toys and etc. The current running items also incl...

Jiangsu Metals & Minerals Import & Export (Group) Corporation (Tools Dept.)

Syphon Elbow - TSE Series

Syphon Elbows are typically used in steam heating system with internal pipe static rotary joints. A TONY syphon elbow is of hinged type so that can be easily assembled into heating device, it syphons condensed water out and keep steam heating at high efficiency.

OTAI Machinery Co., Ltd.

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