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Luxury House Boat

Luxury House Boat

20ft, 30ft, 42 ft, 52 ft, 55ft, 62 ft, 69ft, 75ft, 80ft.Yacht, fast boat, and more...A. Main important dates ( For model SB52 / SB55 only ):Total length: 16.22mEngine power: 2X237HPOverall Width: 4.67mPeed of boat: 15.5KnModel Width: 4.63mCruise time: 15hSea gauge : 1.32mSuitable sail range: A. Grade/FreshwaterTonnage: 24.00 MTB. Boat body:1. Engineering FRP materials with lens-surface dies.2. Imported FH123 boat Colophony3. Imported film covering materials for lens-surface coatings.4. Imported strong felt & cloth etc.5. Shipboard & deck use light wooden material as the inside base.6. Boat strengthen vertical wooden material & transverse beehive structure.

Luxury House Boat product offered by Heilan Group Suzhou Office

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