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Bow Hair

Bow Hair

The best horse hair comes from the North East region of China including Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, Northeast of China and Siberia. Horses from colder climates with limited food supplies (like Mongolia and Siberia) traditionally produce the best hair for making bows. Horse tail hair at the length of 27" -32" is mainly used as strings of musical instruments. We supply bow hair in the color of normal white, silver white and black.1. Normal white bow hair(mare):Professional bow makers and musicians choose this type of hair for its unequalled quality, natural white appearance and most of all, its consistency in diameter and strength. It is primarily from the female horse (Mare). The mares hair is identified by the urine stains at the tapered lower end of the hair. This gives extra grip for the rosin, as the urine lifts the minute scales to act as microscopic anchors.2. Silver white bow hair(stallion):This hair is 90% from the male horse (Stallion). Its colour is slightly lighter at the tips (as the stallion does not spray its tail whilst urinating) and the hair can feel somewhat smoother in texture. The hair has good consistent diameter and strength, but is slightly more expensive due to the higher ratio of mares to stallions. We take more time to remove thin, twisted and chalky hairs. This is our most popular bow hair, utilized by 90% of our customers.3. Black bow hair:This hair is natural black not dyed. Black hair is consistently recommended by most shops for bass and baroque bows due to its gorgeous natural color and coarse, "grabby" nature.

Bow Hair product offered by Heavenhorse Tailhair Processing Factory

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